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                Design services

                About MindMotion

                MindMotion Microelectronics Co., Ltd.  is a leading domestic solution provider in both MCU design and application field. Since March 2011, MindMotion has successfully designed and promoted hundreds of MCU products. The following series of MindMotion MCU products, based on ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 core, is available in both batch and sample supplies. The MM32F is designed for general purpose and high performance market, as the MM32L falls in ultra-low power and high safty applications field, the MM32W is designed for multiple wireless connectivity. MM32SPIN is designed for motor drive and power, the MM32P is One-Time-Programable products . The MindMotion products and solutions are widely used in industrial control systems, smart homes, wearable applications, automotive electronics, instrumentations, and many other fields.


                With deep understanding of MCU market, MindMotion provides a "cradling style" service through our comprehensive support tailored to our customers' needs. And, by interacting with our customers in the early stage of co-operation, MindMotion provides integrated complete solution. Not only the software algorithm and example code, but also the product definition and market analysis, MindMotion provides valuable services to help our customers achieve great success.


                With our company vision of “Build a well-known domestic MCU brand,establish a secure domestic MCU system", MindMotion is well on its way to the pioneer and leader of China's domestic MCU design and solutions, wishing to share a better future together with all of our partners from the IC industry.

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